Hopeful break ???


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Title : The Palm      Photo Credits : Rudy Sands Photography


We never thought this would be us

love turned into short lived pleasures and lusts

Oh how? I felt like it was all my fault

after this break up left me out in the cold


yet I’ll surrender my heart

so the healing can start

accepting that I can’t make you stay

even when my heart yearns for you today

I release and trust that God above

if need be will treasure and restore this Love


and if  perhaps-NOT

at least we, i  LOVED


© Melanie Arendse


Liefding (Love thing)


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hope flickers like a candle in the wind
as volumes of love is dailed up on its full
even when we are full of strife  and contention
hung up on plans of the future
adeqaucy challenged,
forgiveness questioned?
despite all faults,
past loves,
past hurts,
infidelty caused,

hope still flickers like a candle in the wind

as we make plans for OUR future

we will have strife and contention

YET Our love dial is turned up on it’s FULL

© Melanie Arendse




Coda of our love song


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A Familiar face

Different time

Same old space







Bodies laced

As we raced


Holding nothing back

3 hours later we were so relaxed

Snoozing to the legendary sounds of R.Kelly

As our hunger were satisfied beyond  just our belly


© Melanie Arendse






Distant Hearts


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He’s like my Beatrice and I’m like his Danté

I’m his Laura and he’s my Petrarch

Finding ourselves wrapped between world’s 

As our hearts and fingers intertwine 

Logic and reality wage war in our minds

That we could someday be together 

Yet as time stands it’ll take forever

You’re my ‘Beatrice and I am your Danté

I’m your Laura and you’re my Petrarch

© Melanie Arendse

Sonnet 227 – (2nd Stanza )

“You linger around bright eyes whose loving sting

pierces me so, till I feel it and weep,

and I wander searching for my treasure,

like a creature that often shies and kicks” 

~~~~~~Francesco Petrarch ~~~~~~



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Needing & wanting him

Feeling pain, sadness

When we part

My crazy heart

Has become whimsical

In its telling

Openly displaying

Heart wrenching


Nostalgia &

Melancholy at the

Thought of losing him

And not being with him

© Melanie Arendse

Hombre de percusión


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I see him walking my way

I smell trouble a mile away

He looks handsome in his right

And I am glancing from behind

I’m between a rock and a hard place

because of YOU

I’m between a rock and a hard place

And I don’t know what to do

I’m between a rock and a hard place

Wish it was simply just me and you

I’m between a rock and a hard place

And I don’t know what to do

© Melanie Arendse