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Working with preschoolers daily has made me realise how much more free I can be, how real, to say how i feel, to smile when I’m happy and to cry when I am sad. I’ve learnt that with them I can be myself. There’s no need to be something I’m not, or to put up a facade or impress I can just BE.

If and when I make a mistake they correct me and might say “silly billy teacher” and I’ll admit my mistakes knowing that I don’t have to know everything. I’m also learning and there’s no judging, ridicule, condemnation, fear of man/failure or of having to live up to expectations. They accept me for who I am. ACCEPTANCE the one big Struggle we all face daily in every walk of life.

Hence I believe we can learn a thing or two from these little ones and when we do and apply it in our daily lives,only THEN can we change the world.

Little lessons from little ones.

*Say sorry VERY quickly so you can continue to build/make/bake sandcakes with your friends.

*Be quick to care when someone is hurting even if you can’t do anything physically, you can call on someone bigger and stronger than you.

*To Trust if Teacher says she’s gonna catch you when you fall when you try and climb up the jungle gym…she will, she’ll be there have Childlike Faith.

*Be Unselfish, even if you have to take it out of your mouth to share (happened to me i had to eat sweet while child watched on) as Teacher taught us “Sharing is Caring” and teacher is always right ?? (or so they think in their uncorruptible, unpolluted little minds), though we know better.

I think Jesus had a good point and definitely knew what he was talking about, when he said  “Unless you become like a child you shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven” – Mark 10 v 15, The Bible.

So let’s strive to be childlike and not childish. Let’s forgive easily, learn to trust, let’s show compassion and in doing so we become selfless.

Teacher M

© Melanie Arendse