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20140615_081949 L.O.V.E  in my opinion is is a four letter word that is often used to describe a sense of elation in any relationship. I believe that somehow we (myself included) as people, society and a nation worldwide have been brainwashed into believing otherwise.

Love – a word misused on so many occasions and used inappropriately. Here’s a few examples. I love my nails, I love playing guitar, I love God,  I love baking, I love my job. Out of those few loves that I’ve shared which do I really esteem above the others ?? Only then will I find out who? Or what I truly love. So I have decided to try and reserve my Love bank for someone or something that truly deserves it. I love God, I love myself, I love my kids in my class and I love my crazy, diverse and interesting family.

Those are on the top of my love list. I will no longer say, I love my laptop, or I love my shoes. I will try and use the word love in its proper context to help restore the meaning of the word love and in turn hopefully change my view on how I should use it in truly expressing myself. I read somewhere that love means – Leaving Others Valued and Empowered.

I hope that I will be able to love like that, knowing that my love for a person touches them in that special kind of way.

Teacher M

© Melanie Arendse