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I woke up

this morning

happy and eager

to kick start my

day with the light in my heart and the sun in my eyes. The light in my heart that dimmed down suddenly as the events of my day unfolded.

I walked to the train station and two guys approached me so suddenly and quickly. The nervousness and fear that ran through my body was somehow calming as I obeyed their orders at sight of the weapon that he held so close to my face.

He took my bag and all my material possessions BUT he never took my life. As soon as I got into my room all I could do was I pick up my guitar and sing a song of thankfulness. In that moment I cried for I was happy and sad at the same time.

One can take away everything I possess but I am still alive to live and write. I am grateful that there was one thing that I still possess and that those guys could never take away my mind, my heart, my soul and my life that connects all these three together.

I am grateful

I am alive

I am still here

Thank You Jesus (”,)

© Melanie Arendse