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My soul is in the process of being healed and I can feel it I am better because of my kids at school. Their hugs and kisses filled with pure love has left a remarkable imprint on my soul and has played a vital part in my healing process.

Although leaving the house in the morning still proves to be difficult it has me looking around nervously and I am still gripped with some fear when I see a group of guys but I am healing and only time is a healer.

I am a woman so nothing like retail therapy does it better. I went out and bought a new pair of sneaks, I got a haircut so that’s how I’m dealing. I don’t want your pity or your judgement. If I happen to show some signs of withdrawal please don’t hate me for it , you be violated in any way and show me how you deal??

I am not perfect, and I am above all else grateful, and thankful that I am alive and still here. I have found enough squeeze in my lemons, I am smiling again, yes I am changed by what has transpired, but that’s part of life. Our experiences changes us inwardly, emotionally and without us having any say in it. So here I am changed but I am still the same? Contradictory much? Yes I don’t understand it myself, but I don’t need to because I can feel it…

Thankful for my little ones that play a remarkable role in my healing process.

Teacher Mel

© Melanie Arendse