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Little Hearts

I came across the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe and what a remarkable piece of poetry displaying human nature of having lost someone or something and hoping it will return to you once more. I may not be an expert in poetry or love for that matter but I can definitely relate to loss and how we as humans have different ways of dealing with it.

In regards to a recent loss of material possessions there is a sense of sadness having lost ‘stuff’ but in relation to the poem I can relate to Poe’s sadness of having lost a person and love. Having a strong sense of desire in hoping that when you rekindle or find love again, it’ll be better second time around. At least in my search for love I can say I have loved and lost but  took the risk of loving. Therefore I am a better person because of love for I have learned in love and through love, love changes us and we are never the same.

As love continues to pervade my soul

I hope I find it  soon to be real

Forever Hopeful

© Melanie Arendse