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As I watched and observed, she carried herself with grace even at that old age. ‘Excuse me’, she had said and I tried to stable her with my hand. Old and alone with the cat and me for company she poured out her soul.
I had wondered how she came to be alone, so fragile and nowhere to go? She had this old house, all to herself. Alone to her thoughts, knitting, and the occasional mweow of the cat filling her mere existence.
Someone brought her food, and the night nurse would bath her. I’d say she was treated like a queen, but in her deaf and pensive state I’d see the sudden look of loneliness , and sadness on her face. It was instantly replaced by contentment and joy even at this old age.
When every family member had deserted her in this fragile place. All she really needed was a hug a touch and some company. I offered her little as we shared a cup of tea, and I just let her be. She told stories of old, when her heart was carefree, and she had it all. Today all alone she had said ‘ without another you cannot exist, for we all need each other, and so I looked at her and thought …
A life filled with riches and gold, can’t help when you are alone and old..
With grace she walked with her cane and her arm in mine as her silver hair glowed and eyes twinkled containing wisdom of old.
A few months later she had passed and I was sad but will forever hold our conversations dear to my heart.

I hope I can walk out of this life with such grace as I prepare myself for that final resting place.

© Melanie Arendse