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I assumed it had to be tough

As single parenthood hit you hard

As the oldest in the nest

I tried poorly to lead the rest

Yet you sought out your own pleasures

Not seeing how you hurt us

Every time you chose drink and drugs

Over talking or spending time with us

You added a layer of mistrust

So when I had seen the perpetual abuse

As you gave your body and soul

to these hungry men, ready to devour you every hour

We saw you less when we did you didn’t interact

As your mind and body seemed possessed

By popping E’s,  alcohol, and having sex

As you continued to feed your lust

Whenever I reached out , I was’ Shushed’

From that day I made a conscious decision

That life had to be better for us

And grandma had enough coz she  alone took care

One day they fetched me from school

I wasn’t prepared emotionally I had no clue

They explained we had to be removed

If we really wanted we could choose

I don’t even recall If you bid us farewell

But I saw an escape to a better place

© Melanie Arendse