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You will always have the poor among you and you can help them whenever you want to- Jesus 

This evening as a group of us went out to the streets of Stellenbosch to give the homeless coffee a sandwich and just hang out with them I was reminded of the new law that bans people from being kind.How can a law ban people from feeding the homeless and hungry what is our world coming to? I am grateful that I am living in a country that allows me to be compassionate and engage in such a precious priviledge.I will continue to show love and take it as a serious responsibility to give and lend a hand to those less fortunate than me and try and bring hope life and healing. 

Can we get back to being human? And help our brothers and sisters out? In South Africa we have this thing called Ubuntu – which in essence means that I am nothing without my brother and he is nothing without me , people need people in order to survive and that if it was roughly translated Ubuntu would mean human kindness.

I hope the spirit of Ubuntu spreads across the nations and into the world as we return to the quality of basic human virtues ie love kindness and compassion.


© Melanie Arendse