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I try and be a good Christian girl and follow God’s commandments and ways of Jesus. Yet I fall short DAILY as I try and die to my fleshly desires it’s not easy being a Christian in this modern day especially when it comes to romance and love but that topic is for another day .

I have been attending your church for the last six years and yes I have grown in leadership and found healing, joy, deliverance and made good friendships learnt alot etc but lately church has become a dreary place.Yes I understand and grasp the concepts that we are the church and that we should go expectant to worship Jesus and not man but as a young person that has grown in zeal and love for God and his work,church and people I find church quite boring.

I have felt this way for a while now since lot of the folks left our church and the numbers dwindled I know you see the numbers as it’s part of your job, but its quite scary to witness from the stage as I lead worship on a Sunday. Not that I watch the people but some Sundays when we start I often wonder where are the people? Never mind the young people. When a group of people left our church a while back and all the young people left as well I stayed faithful and true as God didn’t say its time to leave.I know God builds the church and that, you’re merely the vessel and instrument he uses. In all honesty and highest respect for you Pastor things do need to change. I am not trying to disrespect you or God’s delegated authority yet I can’t sit under your voice every Sunday as you take us on a journey of your family life, your working days at the Court, Army days when you get so excited about rifles or your passionate views and history like talks about Israel, the Jews and your family heritage that is somehow linked to you being half Jewish.

I love the Jews and yes the war that is going on is REAL and I try and remember that and to pray for world peace.I just want you to know yes I am leaving your church because I’m moving away, but also because I need church to be fun, exciting and inviting. It’s said Go where you grow and I’m not growing. Sometimes I find myself backsliding in more ways than one. It’s not your fault entirely I should seek God for my own but if the church has no platform for young people/young adults my age then there is a generation lost and free for the devil to have his way with.I am not saying become like the next mega Church, but do think about your approach to your sermons and talks. I know lots of people that left that had enough of the same things too. You’re always doing some series on David or your current one on Isaiah. What happened to just talking about relevant topics or from your heart.? And by relevant I do not mean talk about the war in Israel that you have to mention every single Sunday!We already know you’re half Jewish. Do you really have to remind us again and again? You are becoming redundant.When there are so many topics and Bible scriptures to choose from or does God only speak to you about Jews and your family? If so I need to have a serious chat with him.

I do not know how to run a church so know that I’m not hating on you or anything I am just a leader in your church and a preschool teacher by profession. I probably have no idea what I am talking about,but I know that if I do not engage my children in different new and exciting teaching ways I will bore them and they will lose their love for learning. Your sermons/talks have lost its lustre and is not challenging me to be a better Christian and not pulling me to press into God.

It’s said in 1 Corinthians 9:22 that we have to become all things to all men so we might save some of them  (paraphrased) so if you don’t want to lose anymore people young and old think about your approach to bringing the word of God across.The word of God is supposed to be exciting, alive not dead, fun and not boring . I remember children’s church days how exciting it was and how one could not wait for big church and now I feel myself wishing for a reversal. 

In conclusion I’d like to thank you for all you did for me as a whole you don’t need to heed to my advice or counsel and you’d probably never get to read this which is also cool. I just needed to rant and vent.

God bless

© Melanie Arendse