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I had a dream that I visited you and thought it would be like before a lazy sunday afternoon just me and you in each others arms.Then suddenly you broke the news that had my heart in my throat, ‘ I had met someone else ‘ you had said. Something I had anticipated and feared would be inevitable yet nothing prepared my heart for it.

You took me into your arms the place where I would have stayed forever but today was so different and all I wanted to do was escape. As you tried to console me I hoped in my heart that you had lied or somewhat that this was all just a dream.

Vivid images of you and the someone new flashed my mind.How could you have her in your arms? and in your heart the place where your love for me resides.

I clung to the hope that you’d say you somehow still think of me, and that you could and would not give up what we have for anyone.

When I woke I was glad that this was just a dream yet I was woken up to reality and the fact, that if I could quote myself and say “You’re not mine to hold and I’m not yours truth be told (taken from my poem, Forbidden Love) hence I needed to accept the ending to our love when it comes.

As I pensively sit and write this I am confused and heartbroken at the thought of losing you to anyone. Selfish and very pathetic on my part but if this is not love then I don’t know? how love could be so cruel? To feel so real and yet can it be just my imagination, an illusion, a………

I wonder and think what we could have? had? then peering over my glasses I thought?

Can anyone tell me where dreams end and true love begins??My mind rushed through the memories of times gone by and yet . . .

YOU- the constant denominator of my heart bringing the hope that you’re part of me and the fear that this may not hold true. The selfish hope to love that which is true to me and to find the place where my dreams of our love can become a reality.

Forever Yours Mi amor

© Melanie Arendse