I am just an ordinary preschool teacher from Cape Town South Africa.I have not figured out life or love as yet but I thoroughly enjoy sharing and writing about my experiences. I love children and spending time observing and loving them. I’d like to count myself as one of the most fortunate people in the world to have been chosen to look after and teach these little souls. I hope that I can touch and influence their thinking positively.

I am a musician. I sing and play a little guitar. I love music and how it can change a life, a heart,and a soul. I am proof that music has made me a better person if I had not used it as an escapism in my early childhood I would not be the person I am today. God’s amazing favour and grace is proof that somehow and somewhere there is a Creator, a God whatever you may call it, ordering your steps and working out your destiny.

I hope you enjoy my blog as I share some truths and fiction.



1 thought on “About”

  1. Kaleb Viljoen said:

    You, Mel,
    Muze to self,
    Girl turned woman,
    Crazy gone normal,
    Camp Leader turned school teacher,
    Blessed beyond words turned to a blessing unto many…
    You, Mel,
    Inspiration,Role Model,
    You, Mel,
    Just Mel…

    That is a Kaleb original… Put that on Your blog…lol…

    Stay blessed and continue to be the blessing that you are…

    God Is LOVE!!!


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